Arthur Goldstuck is a top business, keynote and conference speaker in the country concerning topics of technology trends shaping business strategies, consumer use of technology, telecommunications, management strategy and the social landscape of the future.

Goldstuck is a well-known regular speaker at conferences, universities and corporate functions where he lectures and provides expert presentations, seminars and workshops which cover the impact technology has on businesses. He also confers with many leading South African companies regarding Internet issues.

Arthur is one of the first South African’s to see the Internet as a productivity tool and now shares his expertise and knowledge in this field. His ability to put across Internet technologies and business strategies to any level of audience has been hailed as highly innovative.

To understand how the Internet works, what it can do for you and why it maybe has not influence you in the past, Arthur Goldstuck and his sharp insights in the new worlds of information technology, and its possibilities can make for an interesting and knowledgeable understanding.

Arthur Goldstuck is the author of, among other works, South Africa’s best-selling IT book,The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet, as well as The Art of Business on the Internet. He has written five books on South African urban legends, and has contributed as a writer to numerous South African and international publications, including The Times of London and Billboard. He was winner of the online category in the Telkom ICT Journalist of the Year awards for 2003, and was runner-up in the lifestyle category for 2002 and the business magazine category in 2004.

Arthur Goldstuck contributes to a number of South African publications on technology and business strategy issues, including the Radar column for African Communications magazine. He is editor of The Big Change, an electronic newsletter on business strategy in the high-tech economy, and of Gadget, the online consumer technology magazine. In 2007 Mail & Guardian invited Arthur Goldstuck to host his own blog on their Thought Leader service.

Arthur Goldstuck also lectures at universities and other institutions on trends in technology and business strategy, and delivers presentations on his analysis of the technology environment at conferences and corporate events. He provided the closing keynote address for the Microsoft TechEd conference in Durban in August 2009, looking to the communications revolution of the next ten years.


Arthur Goldstuck